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What is the LED Calculator?

The Jands LED Calculator is a quick and easy tool to quantify the electricity cost savings by using efficient LED fixtures. By comparing conventional fixtures against their LED equivalent, a dollar figure can be produced to quantify savings both on a yearly basis and across a period of 10 years. The essential part of the Jands LED Calculator is that it also takes into account the relative purchase price of LED fixtures (which is usually significantly higher) and can make an estimate as to the time required to pay for the initial investment. This is a calculation that is often forgotten in the discussion between LED and Conventional.

How does it work?

The LED Calculator requires the user to first select their location (State/Territory) in order to determine the average electricity price. The user must then input operational data for both Conventional and LED fixtures for the purpose of comparison. You can add multiples of both Conventional and LED fixtures to create a complete real world rig.

The operational data covers the following headings:

This data is then calculated against the electricity cost to produce a series of results for both Conventional and LED.

The LED and Conventional data is then combined to produce a summary of the combined operational savings garnered by using LED over Conventional.

What doesn't get factored in?

There are a number of factors when calculating the savings when using LED fixtures that are extremely hard to quantify. These include labour costs (gel changes, bulb changes), gel purchase costs and air conditioning costs. This calculator focuses only on electricity and lamp costs as these are general factors and can be calculated without specific situational requirements.


Jands Pty Ltd provides these results in good faith as an estimate only. They are provided for illustrative purposes only and are based on the accuracy of information provided and market value rates at the time of calculation. Results are based on an averaged set of variables and do not specifically take into account any individual venue or situation.